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Yup, I’m not even sorry!

Yup, I’m not even sorry!

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    There are far worst things to spend money on. Like…crappy books, and…drugs…
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    I’ll check next time! :) (btw loooove your blog!
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    Oh you’re fine with books! I don’t know about the free shipping though. I know they ship for the continental US for free...
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    This is the kind of thing that happens inside my head when I buy books. Yes, all sides. Maggie
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    It’s not! Don’t encourage her. She won’t be sending me any books because I’ll be too busy kicking her butt for it.
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    did you miss the part where if she buys any we all get free books!? i think this is a win-win situation here except for...
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    Don’t start with that trunk set, she knows how I feel about that You are totally hopeless.
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